Eagle Tile

"Eagle Tiles should be used all over; it would be the wisest choice."
  — Game Description 

Level Available: Leaderboard Event
Sells for: 100 Coin20px
Exp Gained: 0 Exp20px


The Eagle Tile is obtainable:

  • 1 During the Contest of Conjurers Leaderboard Event:
    • Players could receive a varying quantity of Eagle Tiles from any of the Bonus Prize Chests LB Bonus Prize Chest.
    • Players could also receive 4? Eagle Tiles from the Spin to Win feature during the Event. (to confirm).
  • 2 During October 2017:
    • By purchase at the Market for 10 Gem20px.
    • The 'Sells For:' value increased from 10 to 100 Coin20px.

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