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Fantasy Forest Story

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Fantasy Forest Story is a mobile application developed by TeamLava for the iOS and Android devices. It may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad or the Google Play Store and various Android devices.

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Fantasy Forest Story Wiki is a player gathered information site with no affiliation to Storm8 or Teamlava.

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Quick Links

  Neighbors - Use this page to find Storm8 IDs.

  Eggs - This page is to identify eggs.

  Goals - Find a list of in-game goals here.

  Animals - This page is to identify animals by type.

  Breeding Calculator - Use this program to explore different breeding possibilities or results.

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Bulletin Board
April 21st 2017

Take up the latest challenge in The Arena for a chance to win April's Birthstone Pony!
The Diamond Pony awaits your challenge!
DiamondPony popup


The current administrators of the Fantasy Forest Story Wiki are as follows:

Knj00 and Mutley00

If you need any support or guidance in regard of the Fantasy Forest Story Wiki, please visit an administrator's profile page.

Game Updates
Game Update - April 21st 2017

   The Diamond Pony has been released as the prize of winning a new 30 battle Tournament in The Arena.

Game Update - April 18th 2017

   The Brawny Bear and Phoney Pony have been released along with a new Fooling Around Leaderboard Event, and a related new habitat, the Fool's Forest.

Game Update - April 14th 2017

   The Legendary Topaz Tiger has been released - On Sale at 960 Gem20px for a limited time.

Game Update - April 11th 2017

   The Jagwire has been released as the prize of winning a new 30 battle Tournament in The Arena.

Game Update - April 7th 2017

   The Little Lamb, Basket Hound and Pastelephant have been released along with a new Egg Hunt World Event, and a related new habitat, the Basket Valley.

   The Tortice is back for 4 days in a Value Pack.

Game Update - April 4th 2017

   The Masquerade Mouse' has been released as the main prize in a new Spin to Win event.

Featured Artical
Topaz Tiger Baby Topaz Tiger

"While most tigers utilise their stripes for camouflage, the Topaz Tiger's shimmering pattern is used to attract attention. Fearless of any danger, this high flying feline shows off its incredible fur coat for the world to see. It is truly rare to see one of these marvelous creatures, so make sure to take a long look when you do!"
 (see more) 

Polls and Voting

"What is your favorite Animal type?"


The poll was created at 23:28 on March 9, 2015, and so far 1104 people voted.

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