“Animals who enter the world of Foreverland regain their youthful energy and appearance, but keep their strength and wisdom. Now they never have to grow up!"
  — Game Description 

Level Available: 10?
Type: Water, Nature, Fire
Animal Capacity: 4
Buying Price: 400 Gem20px
Max Coins: 55,000 Coin20px
Build Time: none
Sells for: 50,000 Coin20px
Exp Gained: 2,800 Exp20px


  • The Foreverland was available by purchase at the market during the Forever Lost Storybook Adventure event.
  • When an animal is placed in the Foreverland habitat its appearance is changed to that of the baby form, regardless of its actual level!
    • Although animals placed here appear as babys, their strength and other characteristics continue to match their actual level (eg in Arena).
    • When removed and placed in any ordinary habitat, an animal's appearance reverts to the correct form for its current level.

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