The Monthly Events pages aim to collate all events held over any particular calender month.
These will include 'theme-related' and 'seasonal' special events not covered elsewhere:

Latest Events

Past Events

  • October 2018
    • A series of Spook-themed events for the run-up to Halloween!

    • Labour Day Sale
      • Celebrate Labour Day by grabbing that elusive Birthstone Pony!

  • July 2018
    • A series of Birthday Celebration events!

  • June 2018
    • A series of Greek and Egyptian mythology-related events!

  • May 2018
    • A series of Sea-related events!
    • Massive May Sale
      • Here's your chance to grab one you couldn't breed... (or couldn't afford!)

  • October 2017
    • A series of Halloween-themed events during the lead-up to Halloween!


Will be updated monthly...