Lots done but still some pages to do~

  • Icons and Images of all currenlty released animals. (I have them, will get up uploaded once more is done)
  • Earning rates on animal pages, and create Earning Rates Page.
  • Pages (individual and main) for Habitats, decorations, buildings and obstacles. (Have most of the images, haven't made pages yet.)
  • More detailed information to building and obstacles pages.
  • Breeding/evo times for all animals.
  • Egg images/page. (Not sure how I want to handle them on the dragon pages, but an Egg page will be made.)
  • Animals page
  • Food Costs Page
  • Expansions
  • Mining
  • Battling
  • Goals
  • Level Rewards
  • Game Updates
  • Rules
  • FAQ
  • Neighbors
  • Automated names
  • Achievements
  • Main page
  • Wordmark
  • Favicon
  • main page poll (poll ideas)
  • dear teamlava page (if/when needed)
  • animal types page
  • glitches (if/when needed)
  • Facebook Feed page
  • Animal Album page
  • dear teamlava: artistic version (if/when needed)
  • breeding results page (?not sure about this one?)
  • market/shop page
  • resources page (if/when needed)
  • storage page

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